Working With Us

A note to prospective clients:

We are interested in the people behind the wealth. We want to understand who you are, hear your life story, discover your values, what you’re most proud of, and learn how you achieved your success. That’s the foundation for the relationship.

We do not have ‘customers’ and do not sell financial products. We are not salespeople, agents, brokers, or adversaries. We are trusted advisors, who will partner with you to solve your financial needs.

How We Work

As fee-only fiduciaries, we manage assets for our clients and provide financial planning and wealth management advice. We are fiercely protective of our clients’ best interests and our relationships are based on mutual trust and respect with open, honest, and direct dialogue.  We reach conclusions based on a thorough analysis of all known factors, while being keenly aware that unknown factors and changing conditions are inevitable.

We use our experience, knowledge, and informed judgement to guide our decision-making process, rejecting herd mentality and other biases.  Too many investors and portfolio managers are herders, following the crowd and creating momentum when prices are rising, with no consideration of risk.  This momentum goes both ways – up and down – creating a whipsaw effect when everyone does the same thing.  Herd behavior is a well-established phenomenon and it can be hard to stay sane when everyone is crowding into the same space.

We seek to out-perform on a risk adjusted basis over a complete market cycle, not at a single point in time during the cycle.  It matters more about what you pay for something than what you buy.  Most of the time, a hot investment is just a speculative gamble…..everything is great until the one day it isn’t.  There is no asset that is so good it can’t become overpriced and very few assets that are so bad they can’t be underpriced.  In our opinion, when we buy an asset at a discount to it’s long-term intrinsic value, it provides a margin of safety and puts the odds of a successful outcome on our side.

You and your family deserve the best in wealth management and should be very selective, conducting thorough due diligence before entering into a relationship with any professional advisor. We would welcome an opportunity to learn more about your situation, to introduce you to our team, capabilities and services, and to answer your questions. If either you, or we,  determine it’s not a good fit, we’d be happy to provide you thoughts on other institutions or qualified professionals that may be better suited or more appropriate for you based on your needs and situation.

We invite you to contact us to schedule a get-acquainted meeting to explore the possibility of partnering with us so you can enjoy more and worry less.